What We Do

ATECH ICT are your local Information and Communication Technology Specialists located in Central West NSW and our industry trained technicians are readily available to assist you with all of your ICT enquiries.

We specialise in the installation and maintenance of Business Telephone Systems, Data Cabling, Telecommunication Services, CCTV, IT Hardware/Software and Telecommunication Consulting.

Backed by industry leading brands such as Ericson LG, Panasonic, LANCOM, Cisco, Draytek and many more, we are dedicated to providing full ICT solutions for your Business or Residential Premise.

Telephone Systems/SIP/NBN

Atech ICT is fully accredited and an authorised installer and maintainer of Ericson LG IPECs phone systems. We can also service and maintain Panasonic Business Phone Systems and Alcaltel-Lucent Phone Systems.

Ensuring you find the right fit, we offer many different types of NBN connections from just your standard connection, all the way to Fibre Solutions and Symmetrical Connections.

For those Business' with Critical Telecommunication needs, Atech ICT offers a 4 Hour restoration time on NBN outages. Depending on your location, you won't experience a long waiting time for connecting your NBN with us and with speeds up to 1000mbs per second and 4G Back Up Solutions, why would you look anywhere else?

Our voice lines are on the forefront of technology. Gone are the days where you required a technician to attend your house and install a telephone line from the exchange. Our SIP Telephone lines can be installed remotely in many devices, having them implemented and installed within a matter of minutes.
ATECH ICT is your industry leader in Central West NSW for providing your business the most efficient ICT Solution. Our solutions comprise of state of the art Phone Systems supported by award winning NBN connections and SIP Telephone Lines.

Data Cabling

A business is only as good as the backbone that supports it.

With Business' moving forward and technology getting faster and more efficient, Atech ICT sees the need for more reliable data cabling and data service upgrades. That is why our technicians at Atech ICT are qualified to install structured data cabling.

Whether you are just looking to install an extra data point for another PC or printer, or for a full networked solution, Atech ICT can look after you. Our technicians are trained in structured CAT 6 Data Cabling, Optical Fibre and Coax. Our technicians can also provide mobile 4G solutions for properties located outside of the NBN footprint.

IT Management

ATECH ICT Offers a full IT Management system for your business.

We understand that in Business, you need to have full uptime and redundancy with your IT Services. That is why we offer a full solution from your NBN connection all the way to the end user.

Our technicians actively monitor for faults and errors with our restoration and response time almost instantaneous. This allows us to identify and resolve the issues generally before you realise there was even a problem.


With CCTV a critical part of any business, you don’t want to leave your security to just anyone. Atech ICT offers full CCTV packages that you can integreate with our other services and products.

Our CCTV Systems have many features, such as active monitoring, alarms for certain actions and remote viewing from any device.

We offer Professional Installation Services for CCTV and full training for our CCTV Packages.

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